Thursday, June 05, 2008

When in Rome...

One of the best places to get "accurate" information from especially for La Carrera rookies when heading of to run La Carrera Panamericana is without a doubt, Gerie Bledsoe. Trust me when I tell you how many people over the years I have heard say, "I know what I'm doing. I have traveled a lot." But there is a lot to learn when going to Mexico especially to race a car. If you are entered in the race but have not been before DO NOT assume that since a lot of people have done it it's a walk in the park. Far from it. Over the next few months Gerie will send all entrants everything they need to get to the border, across the border, to the other border and back again. "IF" you listen and take notes. A good piece of advise is print everything he sends you and put it in a binder and read it over and over until you know it by heart. And then take it with you.

One thing Gerie will tell you in passing is HAVE A GOOD TIME. In other words, focus on the race but take some time when you can squeeze them in to enjoy Mexico. After all, you will be treated like a King while you are there so the least you can do is repay that respect by living the life on a high note. One thing I will tell you is drink the tequila, kiss the ladies, tell some lies and buy yourself a damn sombrero.

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