Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tyler's Day at Sears Point

What does any self respecting racer do the weekend after the NASCAR guys have raced on one of the local tracks? You get there as fast as you can so you can take advantage of several millions of dollars worth of fresh rubber that was laid down last weekend that's what. This weekend, my son Will, is race director while NASA is running at Sears Point so my wife and grandson Tyler dropped in to have some fun.

Now Tyler has grown up around race cars it seems but he was ether busy growing in his mommy's tummy or being pushed around in his stroller so today was his first time to really check out some cars. Funny but he told his Nana "These race cars noisy."

It turned out that it was the perfect day for Tyler since it seemed like we saw our fair share of "Small" cars. Just as we came thru the gates we saw a line of smart cars and later in the day as we drove by one of our friend's shops at the track we noticed someone was having a smart car get together. Wow, was there a lot of them. The truth is I didn't know there were that many in existence. Tyler seemed to like the one that was painted like a cow.

While we walked thru the paddock visiting with old friends Tyler seemed to take a liking to numerous cars but he really enjoyed one of the Mustangs that was painted like many of my race cars were, red with two white racing strips. Hey, the kids got taste.

He also liked the Legends race cars since they seemed to be almost the right size for him to drive. Why do I have the feeling we will be building a car in the very near future?

One car that pleased me to see was a green Volvo that raced with us last year in the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana which is owned by none other than Che and Cairenn Voigt. Even better, we got to spend a few minutes visiting with them. Gerie Bledso was also at the event but when I stopped to visit with him he must have been out on the track with a student but that's ok because we will get to spend some quality time with Gerie at the upcoming get together at Laguna Seca in a few weeks.


Francisco Ortiz said...

Looks like you and family had great weekend! cogratulations!:)
Nice MAC shirt!

Gary Faules said...


Yes we had a great time. Wish you could have been here. As for the shirt... Thanks to you. It's a great shirt and one I am proud to wear.