Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tribute to those hot rod Lincolns

Anyone who ever loved Lincolns can almost certainly sing you the lyrics to the song "HOT ROD LINCOLN!. As a matter of fact I heard that song on the radio while in Mexico for last years La Carrera Panamericana more than a few times and I am positive I will hear it plenty more in the years to come. Unfortunately it will not be sang by Charlie Ryan, the guy who built a Model A Ford with a V-12 Lincoln engine then wrote a song about it since sadly he has passed away February 16th in Spokane, Washington at the age of 92. Charlie wrote the song "Hot Rod Lincoln" and it made the charts back in the 50's.

I am proud to report that some friends of mine had heard of the Hot Rod Lincoln sitting in the back of Charlie's barn in Graham, WA (where he was living at the time). It hadn't been driven in a long time and looked pretty rough. Bob Davidson who is the pin stripper for the North American Eagle land speed project of which I am a member, and a couple other hot rod friends, dragged it out of its dusty hibernation that it had been resting in for so many years and began the task of bringing it back to life. They finished it in time for Charlie and his wife, Ruthie, to drive it to Salem, Oregon for the Northwest Nationals before he passed away.

A 50th anniversary show is being planned to honor Charlie and the Hot Rod Lincoln for April 25th, 2008 at the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. Asleep at the Wheel and Commander Cody, who have had hits with "Hot Rod Lincoln" have been booked for the show.

God's speed Charlie.

You can visit Charlie's site for some great history by CLICKING HERE.

The beautiful Lincoln above was driven by Tom Overbaugh and co piloted by Jim Feeney in the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana.

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