Sunday, March 09, 2008

It never ceases to amaze me...

What a small world this is. This weekend my son Will spent the weekend as race director at a NASA event at Thunderhill Raceway. Will wears many hats when fulfilling the title of race director. Besides his duty as director he's also responsible for making sure everything runs like a well oiled machine within the Miata Series such and helps out with the tech inspections and so on. During a weekend event he meets lots of regulars and many newbies as well. From time to time his duties require him to deal with "issues" that arise on the track and are then brought back to mandatory driver's meetings where they are sternly dealt with. Most of the time the issues are minor infractions, this weekend they were more stern than some.

On a good note, Will had the distinct pleasure of running into a couple who ran last years La Carrera Panamericana with us!!! IT was none other than Che and Cairenn Voigt who drove the #282 Green Volvo and finished second in Historica A class. But wait... when talking about what a small world this is you can only imagine ours and their surprise when Will told them the race car they just bought used to belong to none other than Jon Emerson or Co-Piloto and fellow teammate! So not only did they have their green Volvo but their new purple pro sedan that Jon raced under the YAHOO sponsorship. What a treat since we take all our cars, old and new very much to heart.

On a less than happy note, Brandon the son of Roger Kraus, the owner os Roger Kraus Racing whom is one hell of a hotshoe himself, was involved in a terrible crash today which required him to be cut from his race car and then flown to the hospital by helicopter. Brandon and Roger take care of all our front end alignments and corner weighting. From what I heard Brandon used a good quality RACETECH seat like the ones we have in Lucky as well as other good quality safety equipment. The high grade wrap around seat combined with good quality seat belts and a very well built rollcage more than likely saved Brandon's life after what was reported as a very bad crash. Besides some possible broken ribs and other injuries my biggest concern for Brandon are the reports I got about glass in both of his eyes. Team California's Best would like to offer our sincere best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery to Brandon. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

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