Thursday, March 22, 2007

We'll take two tacos and a diet Coke Por Favor...

Today I was at Maier's Racing and had Bill build me an extra light rear trunk lid to match the hood. I also ordered a new Flaming River steering gear box which is extra fast and an original Shelby "quick steer" pitman arm and idler arm also for a faster handling suspension system.

While all this was going on Jon is taking care of ordering our new navigation/intercom system which will not only allow us to talk to each other but in fact stay in contact with our crew as well as have the capabilities to make phone calls. Ya never know, we may need to order up a few cold ones along the way. I wonder if they have drive thru taco joints down there? Can you imagine the look of their eyes when some race car come screaming up to the take-out window!

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