Thursday, March 01, 2007

Impact Engineering says "Let'er roll!"

During the last week most of the final touches have been made to the roll-cage which is now a full 10 point cage that includes struts that extend thru the firewall to the shock towers for additional safety and structural strengthening. (Big tool man grunt)

Now we are building a Nascar style fuel cage for the fuel cell which is almost complete. I'll tell you what, if you ever need any fabrication work whatsoever you can not find any facility more in tune to the utmost detail and articulate than IMPACT ENGINERRING What a pleasure it has been working with them on this project in every way. It's equally important to remember these guys are racers too and not only do they have a complete understanding of what they are doing but in fact are equally as understanding how much it can hurt the old pocketbook. With that in mind I must tell you their workmanship is way above the best while their prices are amazingly affordable.

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