Saturday, February 17, 2007

And right when ya thought things couldn't get any better...

The Carrera Panamericana has long earned such names as "World's Longest Road Race", "Battle Of The Giants", "Mexican Road Race", "The Most Dangerous Race In The World", "World's Toughest Race", "Most Grueling Race In Any Calendar", The Salad" or "How to see Mexico in just 7 days at 160 miles per hour."

In the early fifties there were so many deaths (24 in one race alone) that the race was canceled for a few years. But since it's return, this being the 20th anniversary race since it's rebirth, it has done so well that the Mexican Government has asked the organizers to extend it all the way back to it's original finish line at the Texas border. I guess they feel it's what the people and racing fans of Mexico and the rest of the world want to see and why not. Jon and I agree and our motto is, if you're gonna do it why not do it all the way!

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