Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things get rolling

Over the last few days I was at IMPACT ENGINEERING checking out the beginning of the roll-cage install as well as the work they are doing cutting and preparing the doors to accept the Nascar bars that extend into the doors for optimum protection for both driver and navigator. After some discussion it was agreed that after the cage was built the door bars will be left un welded to as to make easy access to the inside while I perform all the inside work. After all the inside is completed the car will be returned to them for the final touches.

The work Anthony and Dave at IMPACT ENGINEERING do is by far the best available and the detail they go to is tops bar none. Part of what I like about them besides the personal attention is how they "listen" and "remember" to what I have discussed with them possibly weeks ago. When many shops would have forgotten things we spoke about these guys have proven to me that they have "MY" best interest in store. What an excellent place to do business with especially when considering we are primarily interested in safety. Another factor is knowing they are the best at what they do but like many shops they don't have that "Holier than thou" attitude and they respect my in-put as well. I would like to tell anyone who needs top quality work of this sort done, they are the bomb!

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