Friday, December 08, 2006

Chicks dig me


My name is Tyler Gene and I am my grandpa's favorite grandson and all the chicks dig me. Oh sure, I'm his only grandson so far but I'll always be the first, that's because I'm just like him... FAST. If Grandpa would let me drive I am sure I could make his new car go real fast and besides, who ever heard of a fast grandpa? I weigh a lot less than he does and everyone knows the lighter the car the faster it will go. Check out my racing helmet I found in Gramp's den. Joe Montana gave it to him but I'm sure if I take good care of it he won't mind.

Speaking of first, I just had my first birth (with a little help from my mommy) and then my first Thanksgiving and soon my first Christmas. I also went on my first trip to Oregon to see my Great Granny and boy was she great! She thought I was all that and she was pretty hip too for that matter. I love both my great grandma and my Grandma too so I plan on giving them lots to talk about. Maybe I'll have my first tooth soon. Just wait until my mommy sees what I can do with that! Gramps sure is gonna laugh.

Grandpa wants to paint the new car white with blue racing strips but if I had my way I would paint it the color of my favorite toy car... bright red with white racing stripes. One of these days my daddy is going to build me a fast mustang too and then I can teach both of them how to drive. I better say goodnight for now and I better start reading that driver's handbook.... Oh crap, I just remembered... I can't read yet! I can't even say La Carrera Pana... Pana... Panemer.... aye carumba!

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