Friday, May 13, 2011

Pan Am Pre Race Tour


Three competitors who have signed up for the 2011 LCP have responded favorably to my proposal of a Pan AM Pre-Race Tour. We can make it work with only three or four. Having eight-ten would be better, of course.

The components of the tour would be:

(1) four/five days, three/four nights double room at a five star hotel in San Miguel de Allende.
(2) guided tours to the four speed stages on Mil Cumbres, plus the stages at Santa Rosa and Sierra de Lobos in Guanajuato.
(3) guided tour of San Miguel and Guanajuato (the new city on the route)
(4) airport pick up and drop off at the Leon-Guanjuato International Airport (BJX)
(5) training in stage-rally timing, including a mock speed stage with all timing check-points
(6) shopping opportunities for spouses and friends who may not want to tour the speed stages
(7) welcome reception and final dinner
(8) a DVD -- including video of the speed stages

Options: Fly in on Thursday and back home on Monday, or fly in on Friday and back home on Monday.
If you can be in San Miguel only three nights, we can make it work for you.

If we have time, we will also visit Queretaro, which is only 35 miles from San Miguel. Guanajuato, near the Leon airport, is 60 miles away. Morelia is about two hours. SMA is very centrally located.

Right now, the best weekend for the Tour would be September 23-25, since the preceding weekend is Mexican Independence Day. September 9-10-11 is also open.

Which weekend would be best for you? Please give me your first and second choice among these three.

Hasta pronto!


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