Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Guess What Kind Of Car Won The East African Safari Classic

That's right... A MUSTANG. Read it and weep you Dodge and Chevy guys!

Ian Duncan and Amaar Slatch have won the South African Safari Classic in a Ford Mustang. A Ford has won the Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally 2009 for the second time in succession.

And if you don't think this wasn't an exciting race then listen to this. There was very nearly a dramatic turn of events this afternoon as the rally cars headed south. Ian Duncan had the distributor drive shear on his Ford Mustang and the car coasted to a halt. But his luck was in as this all happened on the transport section between Email and Ndi and he was able to remove the old broken drive and fit a new one. Thus he was able to continue and take fastest time on the last competitive section thus bringing his lead over Björn Waldegård in the Porsche up to eight minutes, thirty-two seconds.

CLICK HERE for entire wrap up.

I wonder why this seems all so familiar looking. It could be because I was raised in a cattle ranch or it could be because I have raced in La Carrera Panamericana.

While the engine compartment looks a little rough and not up to my specs it got the job done. Incidentally, it was originally owned by Gurbux Nagi who was for many years a senior technical scrutineer in Kenyan motor sport events and set up specifically for this race.


Abram said...

Hi there,
Yes it was a great race there in Africa!

There is some difficulty with the link on the Safari site and so on this site too...
It does telle the story of the day before, and not that of the last Day when Ian Duncan did not have any problem.


Abram said...


The link to the real last day information from Mombassa